Frequently asked questions


Do I require a visa and if so, which one?

Almost all European and North American nationals can either obtain a free visa (valid max 30 days) or a paid visa on arrival (valid max 30 days plus 30 days extension) upon arrival on Bali. Make sure your passport is still valid for more than 6 months from arrival date. Please check your local Indonesian embassy or your country of origin’s Ministry or Department for Foreign Affairs to obtain the most update information about entry into Indonesia.


What kind of vaccinations do I need and what else do I have to bear in mind?

Confirm your routine immunisations are up to date or have them updated, if necessary. Most travel experts recommend additional immunisation for hepatitis A, rabies and typhoid as well as hepatitis B and Japanese encephalitis should you wish to stay longer.

While Malaria is present throughout Indonesia, Bali is considered to be a low to no risk area.

Due to a higher risk of Dengue fever you should practice mosquito bite avoidance and bring repellants or protective clothing. Also there’s a heightened risk of health issues due to contaminated food or water, practise food and water hygiene and bring treatment for diarrhoea.

We do not take responsibility for the correctness of above content! We recommend consulting your doctor or an expert for tropical medicine to seek individual pre-travel advice.


Do I need to bring plug adapters?

Balinese sockets are European standard so you only need to bring an adapter if your devices have other standards like GB, US or AUS.


What kind of currency is used on Bali?

Local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). You will be able to withdraw money from most ATMs on Bali, there is one in the airport’s arrival area and also in the village next to Medewi – your bank can advise regarding any fees. Bali’s money exchangers usually offer good exchange rates for Euro and Dollars, however we recommend to go to authorised money changers only and avoid money changers in the street.


What’s the weather like on Bali?

Due to its proximity to the equator Bali’s temperature remains a pleasant 30 to 32°Celsius outside and 28° Celsius water temperature throughout the whole year. There are no seasons in Bali, instead dry period lasts from May to October while wet season lasts from November to March during which most of the rain is falling in the mountains. You will rarely experience continuous rainfall for days on end – if it is raining, it is brief and heavy. We would recommend to bring the following essentials: T-shirts, shorts, a long-sleeved shirt or blouse, 1 pair of light long trouser or skirt, 1 sweatshirt, underwear, board shorts / bikini, sandals / flip-flops, 1 pair of closed in shoes, hat or cap. Pack lightly, we have an excellent laundry service in the camp 🙂


How do I book at your camp?

You can get in touch with us through e-mail to wave(a), through our website’s contact page or via the booking tool you will find under Once you have contacted us through one of the aforementioned ways we will reserve a spot in our camp for you. The booking is binding after you have received a booking confirmation from us via e-mail.


Can I book accommodation only?

Yes, during off-season from November to April you may book accommodation only. However during peak season from May to October we are unable to offer accommodation only and you can only book surf packages.


Do you have dorms available?

No, all rooms are single or double rooms only.


How can I pay at the camp?

We do accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Maestro debit cards and cash – Indonesian Rupiah, Euro, US Dollar and Australian Dollar. Your bank can advise regarding any fees when paying with credit or debit card.


Can I rent a scooter or motorcycle at the camp and what do I need to consider?

Traffic on Bali is left-hand and one of a kind – roads are narrow, chronically jam-packed or clogged, full of pot holes and you share them with dogs, chickens and cows. Add to this the love of the Balinese for driving like daredevils and you have a traffic situation that is utterly different from what you probably are used to. If you would like to brave Bali’s roads, you need an International Drivers license which you can apply for in your home country. Usually the International Drivers license is valid together with your real license only so you need to bring both of them. Scooters and bikes can be rented through the camp.


Do I have to bring my own surfboard?

At our surf school we do have an impressive range of surf boards in all shapes and sizes for you in store. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced surfer we surely can pick a suitable board for you to rent once you have arrived at the camp. When renting a surf board with us we recommend to also book our board insurance.


Do I need a wetsuit?

Leave your wetsuit at home! The ocean on Bali has nice, constant ca. 28° Celsius water temperature so you will surf in board shorts or bikini only.


Will I be met at the airport?

Airport transfer is included from a six nights stay. One of our camp drivers will wait for you at the airport and bring you to camp. Should you stay less than six nights or would like to be picked up at a different spot you will have to bear additional charges.

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