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Beginner Classes in Bali

You always wanted to LEARN HOW TO SURF? You come to the right place: we offer daily surf lessons in tropical warm waves? Brown Sugar is Balis only Surf School right on a sandy beach – perfect for beginner classes! Our experienced surf coaches will show you the basic elements of SURFING before you hit the ocean. Such as safety handling of the board and material, Balancing and Take Off practice, as well as the right paddle technique to name a few.

We help you to form a sense for the board and wave, so you get prepared for the next step – to paddle, catch and surf your first waves still in small white waves but you are on your way to become a SURFER! The surf classes are held in english and due to our small groups our surf guides are close by your side and giving you constant feedback. The adding of video coaching helps you gaining ground in no time.


# including all camp services like 7 days/nighs accommodation/week either fan cooled or air-con rooms, breakfast, both camp shuttles (from bookings of 1 week and more), Wifi Internet, Saturday Beach BBQ and:

# daily surf lessons on our sandy and safe beach

# theory and practice classes on the beach

# weekly video coaching and analysis

# all your surf pictures for free

# complimentary Surf Lycra

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