BLUE – Time to surf on the other side

In-Between white wash and green wave

You already have some Surf history and like to surf your first green waves but you don´t know yet how to read the ocean, where to position yourself in the line-up and when to paddle and ride the wave to the max. You are right in between white wash and green wave? Then the BLUE Surf Coaching is the right one for you! Our experienced surf guides will get you wave for wave beyond the white wash with intense Surf Coaching, accompanied by video analysis and Duck Dive Pool training towards the GREEN WAVE.

BLUE – Pimp your surf skills

# including all camp services like 7 days/nights accommodation/week either fan cooled or air-con rooms, breakfast, both camp shuttles (from bookings of 1 week and more), Wifi Internet, Saturday Beach BBQ and:

# daily surf sessions in small surf groups

# detailed introduction at every new surf spot

# insider knowledge from our experienced surf coaches

# weekly video coaching and analysis

# all your surf pictures for free

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