Terms & Conditions

Brown Sugar Camp Bali, Brown Sugar Inc. 2010, Hotel Brown Sugar

1. Payment & Regulations

The total amount of your booked Package can be paid in cash on arrival at the Brown Sugar Camp. We accept Euro, US Dollar, Australian Dollar & Swiss Franken. Payment with Credit Card will be soon available. Please note that bank transfers to Bali are subject to international bank fees, these can easily be above 50 Euro. Therefore we recommend paying in cash after arrival.

2. Declaration of Health of the Participant

The participant expressly declares that there are no doubts as to his/her participation in Surfing from a medical point of view. If in doubt see and check your doctor in advance of your planned trip.

3. Liability

The minimum age requested for participating in any course of Brown Sugar is 18 years. If the paticipant is of minor age special arrangements can be made with his parents. In this case please contact our office: office@eatmoresurf.com

The paticipation in the Brown Sugar Surfcamp & Courses, the journey to our location, utilisation of the before mentioned services and all activities in & outside our Camp shall be at the participant`s own responsibility.
Brown Sugar shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever to the participants property. Every activity in & outside the water is on the own risk of the participant. A private luggage & health insurance is recommended for the corresponding period of stay. The rented or provided equipment and vehicles of Brown Sugar should be used correctly and with care. In the case of neglient or wilfull damage or loss of any belongings of Brown Sugar, the participant shall be liable for any damage or loss ocurred.
Costs from damages to vehicles caused by a third party or resulting from the Indonesian traffic situation shall be bourne jointly by the corresponding vehicle crew.

Although Bali is one of the consistant wave paradise on earth there can be no insurance of big swell or waves in the booked period. Brown Sugar can not be liable or responsible for any small swell.

4. Cancellation/Travel Expense Return

Cancellation of any Brown Sugar Bookings can be made in writing or via email at any time. The cancellation shall be effective as of the date received by Brown Sugar.

In the case of cancellation the following expenses shall arise:

_up to 60 days prior to arrival date 50 Euro
_up to 30 days prior to arrival date 25% of the total Booking amount
_up to 15 days prior to arrival date 50% of the total Booking amount
_up to 7 days prior to arrival date 75% of the total Booking amount
_up to 1 day prior to arrival date 90% of the total Booking amount
_from the supposed day of arrival and the case of non-appearance 100% of the total Booking price

A replacment participant is possible. In such a case of change in reservation an administration fee of 50 Euro will be raised by Brown Sugar.

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